Foundation Walls! This week the foundation walls were poured and the slab foundation will be completed. Yay!


Construction has begun! You can see the outline of the Clubhouse. Thank you to Chervenell Construction Co. for all your hard work and for taking such good care of our Clubs - old and new!


It is now time to start building the new Clubhouse! Local individuals and businesses have made significant contributions to this campaign. With their help, $4.8 million dollars has been raised to make this Clubhouse a reality. We now invite the community to be part of this amazing project! Donate today!


The Campaign Cabinet met and discussed the Second phase of the Great Futures Tri-Cities! project.  The generosity of the community has caused us to ask how can we better serve local youth now and into the future with increased funds from the campaign. We have chosen to increase our goal to $5.1 million to so that we can have an even greater impact on youth throughout the Tri-Cities.


We reached our initial goal of $4.3 Million! We have been overwhelmed by the support the community has provided to the project, and the sacrificial giving that has taken place to meet the needs present in our community.  Thank you for being part of the initial phase of the campaign, and demonstrating generosity to future donors of the Great Futures Tri-Cities! Campaign.


“For the past 3 years we have quietly been putting everything in place to ensure the success of a Capital Campaign to bring a new Boys & Girls Club to Kennewick.  Four months ago, my family and I chose to serve as volunteer leaders for this campaign and made the first gift to furthering the mission of the Club. We have been joined by a group of caring community members that have helped us reach 80% of our initial goal of $4.3 million."  - Craig Eerkes