Craig & Marilee Eerkes

Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

Campaign Cabinet

Craig Eerkes, Co-Chair

Marilee Eerkes, Co-Chair

Kirby Amacker

Allen Brecke

Gary Chervenell

Chris Eerkes

Chief Ken Hohenberg

Kees Koster

John LaFemina

Bill Lampson

Bill McCurley

Mason McCurley

Doug Overturf

Nancy Overturf

Phil Ohl

Eric Pearson

Matt Riesenweber


Leading the Volunteer Cabinet


Craig & Marilee, along with the entire Eerkes Family, have Championed the GREAT FUTURES TRI-CITIES! campaign. They are long time Boys & Girls supporters and are passionate about our communities youth. With their leadership, we have a built a strong commitee to ensure the success of this project!


They have made the lead gift for the campaign and empowered others in the community to get involved to make a difference.

Staff Leadership


Brian Ace, Executive Director

Sarah Murphy, Director of Development

Adrianne Deen, Director of Marketing

Julie Adelmund, Director of Finance

Chandra Burns, Director of Operations