What is the Great Futures Tri-Cities! Campaign?

For the past few years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties has been laying the groundwork for a capital campaign to build a Clubhouse in an underserved neighborhood in Kennewick.  Since our inception 20 years ago, we have opened Clubhouses based on available donated space from community partners.  This project represents the first time that we have proactively identified a community in need, and worked intentionally to bring services directly to a targeted neighborhood and build great futures for our youth.

Why are we building a new club in Kennewick?

The Boys & Girls Club operates four Clubhouses in Benton and Franklin Counties (two in Pasco, one in Kennewick, and one in Prosser).  At various times this past year, 3 of those 4 Clubhouses were at capacity with kids on waiting lists.  We are running out of room to serve youth in our existing facilities.  Additionally, the neighborhood we have identified has a high density of low-income youth with a variety of risk factors that may prevent them from achieving their great future.  The building of a new Club in this targeted neighborhood is the best way to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the community now and in to the future.

When are you planning to break ground for the new Clubhouse Club?

We reached our initial goal of $4.3 Million on 10/21/17. We are working through final details and will break ground in February of 2018.

How is the Great Futures Tri-Cities! Campaign different from Campaign for Kids (Annual Campaign)?

Campaign for Kids is our individual giving campaign that provides opportunities for donors to make personal investments in our youth programs, and provides much needed operational support to the more than 700 youth each day that we serve.  It sustains our work.  The Great Futures Tri-Cities!  campaign seeks targeted donations for capital construction costs of a new facility, creating a new service location in Kennewick.